"Get ready to hear the world in high-definition, making every word crystal clear!"

AirDoze Q505

"Elevate your Voice, Erase The Noise"

AirDoze Q505 earbuds bring 'Silent Magic.' Embrace cosmic silence; let music, not noise, be the soundtrack to your stellar journey through the boundless expanse of space and sound.

"Hush the Hubbub, Banish the Blare, With ENC, Dive into a Bubble of Serene Sound, Your Ears' Delightful Lair."
"Beyond Sound, Mic Magic!"

Lost in Space Beats

Cosmic Beats Await in the Earbud Galaxy

Travel through space with our earbuds; they're like a spaceship for music. Cosmic Beats Await in the Earbud Galaxy!

50 Hours

Battery life

AirDoze Q505 guarantee upto 50 hours of playtime. Get 90 minutes playtime in 10 minutes charge.



Best-in-class connectivity with quick pairing technology.


Low Latency

Seamless synchronization, split second reactions: activate 40 ms low latency and conquer the game!

Galactic Hues

Style with Cosmic Color!

"Choose your earbuds' cosmic colors, because even in the vastness of space, your style sets you apart."

"Space Black"

Where Cosmic Sleekness Meets Stellar Sound Magic!

"Starlit Blue"

Dive into Cosmic Sound, Surf the Sonic Waves!

Erase the Noise

Coming Soon

Earbuds that'll make your calls as clear as stargazing in space. Get ready to dial into the cosmos!

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